Come join in our escalation style Kill Team Arena & Elites Tournament at CanCon 2020.

During this one day stand alone tournament, players will compete over 4 rounds utilising missions drawn from the Kill Team – Arena Competitive play expansion.

As the event progresses players will access more points (125) and Elites options, drawn from their Command Roster.
Players will bring a 20 model Command Roster to draw (muster) their Kill Team from each round.

  • Each Kill Team Roster must include 1 Leader, and may include Elites options (please note, Commanders will NOT be utilised)
  • Current Kill Team publications (Core Manual, Arena, Elites) and FAQs/White Dwarf publications will be allowed for this event.
    Note: Elite’s Sub-factions will not be used for this event.
  • Command rosters must be completed and submitted prior to Round 1 at 9am, Sunday 26th January 2020.
  • Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, best painted and more!

If you are able to bring your Arena set (boards, doors etc) please get in touch at hello@convicwargaming.com, it will be greatly appreciated!

Schedule – Sunday, January 26

Player Briefing915am – 930am
Round 1 – 100 Pts
Core & Arena
930am – 1040am
Round 2 – 100 Pts
Core & Arena
11am – 12:10pm
Lunch1210pm – 1pm
Round 3 – 125 Pts
Core, Arena & Elites
1pm – 210pm
Round 4 – 125 Pts
Core, Arena & Elites
220pm – 330pm
Prizes & pack up
330pm – 345pm